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About Mergent EventsData

EventsData utilizes RSS/XML technology to deliver on-going updated information on stock-splits, mergers, tender offers, partial/full calls, name changes, etc. EventsData message feeds enable users to capture and analyze breaking business developments as they occur.

In addition to providing EventsData.com clients breaking business developments as they occur, EventsData.com provides clients the ability to research Corporate Actions, Dividends, Fixed Income and Unit Investment Trust data from a historical perspective. EventsData.com consist of five accredited data Modules.

Corporate Actions

  • Provides the latest Corporate Action data on all North American listed securities.
  • Includes mergers, acquisitions, name changes, exchange delistings, ticker symbol changes, preferred stock redemptions, and other events that affect companies and securities.
  • Data is verified against proven sources and announced with concise transaction terms & conditions.

Corporate Dividends

  • Provides ten years of information on over 64,000 dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds, as well as ADRs, GDR's, and their underlying foreign shares.
  • Features include indicated annual dividend calculations, dividend distributions and capital gains as well as capital changes such as splits, stock dividends, rights and spin-offs. Payments classifications include taxable, approximate, extra, and many others.

Fixed Income

  • Provides detail bond data on Corporate, Corporate MTN (Medium Term Notes), etc.
  • Features include specific bond details encompassing Ratings History, Announced Calls, Redemption Details, Schedules, Exchange Offers, and Tenders Offers.

Municipal Called Bonds

  • Also provides access to Municipal Called Bonds. Complete and structured bond information.
  • Features include Call Type (i.e. full/partial), Paying Agent Address, Delivery Instructions, redemption date and total redemption amount.

Unit Investment Trusts

  • Provides the ability to accurately calculate principle and interest payments while monitoring distribution types for tax purposes.
  • Data elements included: CUSIP number, issuer name, issue description, record date, payment date, interest amount, principle amount, dividend income, capital gains, payment frequency, trust name and sponsor name.